Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The marine national park - Narara (Jamnagar)

Information - The marine national park is the only place in the world where you can see live corals without diving into the ocean.  Narara is situated in the gulf of Kuttch. It is a paradise for marine life lovers and birdwatchers. Starfish, jellyfish, octopus, corals, boxer fish, sea horse, sea turtles, lobsters and dolphins can be seen. 

The Marine Sanctuary has: (1) Beautiful coral Reefs (2) Variety of Hard & Soft Corals (3) Approximately 70 species of Sponges (4) 27 species of prawns (5) 94 species of Water Birds (6) 200 species of Mollusks (7) 30 species of Crabs (8) Endangered Sea Turtles (9) 3 Species of Sea Mammals

How to reach - To reach Narara, first we need to reach Ahmedabad which is the biggest city of Gujarat and 7th biggest city of India. It has an international airport and it is well connected to various parts of the country by air, railways and road. From Ahmedabad we need to reach Jamnagar which is 6th biggest city of Gujarat state. Frequent buses, cabs and railways are available to reach Jamnagar from Ahmedabad. However, to reach Narara from Jamnagar, there are no direct state transport buses or railways available. From Jamnagar a private taxi can be hired to reach Narara which is recommended. The state transport buses passes through Wadinar which is 10 kilometers from Narara.

Location - Narara is located in westernmost part of India. The marine national park of Jamnagar is situated in Jamnagar district of Gujarat state. It is approximately 300 kilometers from the nearest International airport of Ahmedabad and 30 kilometers from the nearest Domestic airport of Jamnagar.

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* To do the coral work and enjoy the marine life, we need to obtain permission from the forest department. It can be obtained from Jamnagar.
* Best time to visit is from October to March
* Do check the time of hightide. The coral walk can be done in low tide only.


  1. i wonder how different creators are in this world. i haven't seen this before in my life. thanks for sharing this information

  2. i am the lucky person got the permission from forest department & visited this wonderful place. loved it wishing to visit again.................