Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bondi beach Australia - Top beaches of the world

 Bondi - Australia's best

Bondi is well known all over the world. It is Australia's best beach and probably the best of Oceania as well. It is in the Australian national heritage list. It is approximately 1 kms long. Located approximately 7 kms from the Sydney business centre, it is a favorite place for Sydney citizens. An underwater Shark net is shared during the summer months. Bondi Beach hosted the beach volleyball competition in the Summer Olympics of the year 2000. Numerous events such as the annual Miss Bondi and skateboarding competition is held every February.

How to reach - Bondi is a suburb of Sydney. It is very easy to get there as it is among the best known beaches of Australia. Sydney is Australia's biggest city and the capital of the State of New South Wales. Using public transport is recommended as parking can be a problem in Sydney. In some places the parking time is limited to 2 hours.

Bondi is well connected with Sydney transport service. Buses run to the beach at 10 minutes from Bondi junction. Railway station is about 2 kilometers from the beach.

For Sydney bus information click --> http://www.sydneybuses.info
For Ferry information click ---> http://www.sydneyferries.info
For Train information visit ---> http://www.cityrail.info

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